Taste Tour: Must-Try Pie Shops Across the U.S.

We went across the country and found three awesome artisanal bakers turning out some of the country's best pies. Whether you're looking for a slice during the holidays or just want to sneak a piece for an everyday dessert, these are the shops that you should hit. Check out our pics in the video above, and get gorging. These three venues prove that it's always time for pie.

White Pass Thanksgiving 2-Minute Tour

It's Thanksgiving and we'd all rather be skiing. That's a fact. Since you've been asking, we thought we'd produce a little 2-minute show & tell so you clearly understand the snowpack (or lack thereof). Hopefully the storms will hit this week and we'll see you next weekend. Happy Thanksgiving (anyway) - Ben

2013 L.A. Auto Show with CarCast with Adam Carolla

New cars from Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ford, Lexus and more at the 2013 L.A. Auto Show

Tour of Gili Air (Gili Islands), Lombok, Indonesia

Jimmy Seervai gives us a culinary tour of South India

Jimmy Seervai takes us on a tour of India and shows us the secret to sensational seafood.

Historical Tour: AERIAL TOUR OF WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE - Department of Defense


An Easy Tour of Wulai Aboriginal Village, Taiwan

Wulai is the home of Atayal tribe people, one of Taiwan's 14 aboriginal tribes, and where you can observe waterfalls, take a push-car ride, cable car, and learn about their customs. Wulai also has mineral hot springs that can be experienced in either a commercially operated resort (rent a hotel room for a few hours) or go to a public pool on the bank of the Nanshi River.

Taiwan is filled to the brim with tourists primarily from Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Malayasia and Singapore. Marine and I were a novelty as two of the few non-Asians seen over 14 days. The fun of Wulai lies in walking the small streets filled with food stalls and shops selling "traditional" Atayal goods along with everything but the kitchen sink. Go with the crowd flow, enjoy the scenery and ambiance...

Tour of Margaret River 2013

The Satalyst Tour of Margaret River cuts it's way through one of the most renown and scenic areas of Australia.

The Jungle (tent city in Ithaca) through Google Glass

Carmen Guidi, from Second Wind Cottages, was nice enough to give me a tour of one of this countries most infamous tent cities known as the Jungle. The Jungle is in Ithaca, New York.

See where cranberries come from

The Thanksgiving dinner staple has to float on the water in a bog to be harvested.

Macy's Unveils Holiday Windows

New York's elaborate seasonal window displays are being unveiled. The Macy's Christmas windows display a little boy's journey through an enchanted forest on Christmas Eve and includes an interactive element where spectators can manipulate snow.

Take a Tour of the Los Angeles Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto Show had a star-like quality on Wednesday (November 20), as the word's top automakers unveiled an eclectic group of designs and models during the the show's preview media days, ahead of its official kick-off this weekend.

The auto industry, which has showed better than modest signs of a recovery, will offer up more than 50 new models in Los Angeles, including nearly 2 dozen cars making their debuts.

Jaguar was among those, taking the wraps off its F-Type coupe, a hard top version of its highly praised roadster of the same name.

"It changed Jaguar quite a bit. Actually, it was all part of the plan. We wanted to change Jaguar," explained Ian Callum, design director at Jaguar, on the impact of the success of the F-Type.

"The thing is from my point of view is that it brings us back to where we belong. It's not about reinventing the company, it's about bringing us back. Jaguar is always known for being a sports car company and the E-Type was the center of that," said Callum.

Also on display were the effects of the consumers' growing love affair with "crossover" vehicles that combine the functionality and cachet of sport utility vehicles with the comfort and performance of a car.

Porsche is just the latest in the global automotive industry to pile on more crossovers as it showed off its fifth model, the Macam, at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Tuesday night (November 19).

Meanwhile, Ford, which has numerous sport utility and crossover models in its lineup, introduced a design concept of its Edge on Wednesday that hints at the look of future versions of that mid-sized crossover.

"It is a concept car that definitely hints at where we are going to take the next generation," said Raj Nair, head of global development at Ford. "I think it has a lot of design cues that work well on the current Edge."

General Motors is banking on American consumers' desire for something different from cars and crossover utility vehicles to drive demand for its Chevrolet Colorado, which debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday.

GM believes the new Colorado will be far more successful than its last appearance when U.S. sales peaked in 2005.

"This is a white space for us," said Mark Reuss, president of General Motors North America. "There is some risk, I love it because there is some risk. Because, I think there is some great reward and there is no one else that is going to copy us immediately. So, I am looking forward to it."

BMW was among those putting on display their line up electric cars. The luxury carmaker announced that it has orders for nearly 10,000 of its i3 electric cars, the first of which were delivered in Germany last week.

BMW also said that its i8 plug-in hybrid sports car due to be introduced in mid-2014 has sold out for its first year of availability.

"To people these look like concept cars, these look like show cars from 10-years from now," explained Paul Ferraiolo, BMW head of product planning and strategy. "They are not, the i3 and the i8 are production cars with a design and technology that a lot of people think is off in the future. But it is not, it is ready now."

The 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show opens on Friday (November 22) and runs through December 01

Paul Smith gives us a tour of his Design Museum exhibition

Fashion designer Paul Smith shows The Telegraph around his Design Museum exhibition "Hello, my name is Paul Smith".

The World's Biggest, Fastest, Priciest Private Jet

The Dubai Air Show has seen record orders for new planes. Bloomberg's Elliott Gotkine got a look inside the show's premier private jet: the Gulfstream G-650. It's the biggest, fastest and most expensive worldwide.

Source: Bloomberg

Welcome to the Most Tech-Savvy Stadium in America

The San Francisco 49ers are moving to Silicon Valley and they've got a new high-tech stadium to show for it. From apps for hot dog and beer delivery at your seat, to fantasy football lounges...Levi's Stadium is decked out for the tech elite. Bloomberg West's Emily Chang has an inside look at Levi's Stadium.

Source: Bloomberg

A Tour of Tobago

Maya Wolfe-Robinson takes us on a personal journey of Tobago, showing the Caribbean island's paradise beaches, tropical landscapes, a fishing village and a pan yard.

Have You Got What it Takes to Be a Lego Designer?

The toymaker Lego invited a group of 21 prospective designers to their headquarters in Denmark to see if they have what it takes to become a Lego designer. Johannes Ledel watches the hopefuls as they are put through a series of "brutal" exercises.

Exclusive: Trekking Branson's $17M Necker Island

Bloomberg's Trish Reagan spends a weekend with Richard Branson on his private island. Branson tells her how lightning burned the house to the ground back in August 2011. Bloomberg got an exclusive look at the new Great House finished just this month. Anyone can own the new and improved Necker island for a day... if they're willing to pony up $60k for the privilege.

Source: Bloomberg

Halong Bay Cruise Tours of Calypso Halong BayVietnam

Touring around El Paso.- Texas, USA

My couchsurfing host and his girlfriend take me around El Paso. We go to open markets and walk around downtown.

Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon Tours by Sky Safari of Sedona Air Tours will take you on a Grand Canyon tour like no other. You are flown in a fixed wing aircraft from the Sedona Airport to the a private airport near the Grand Canyon, then taken by helicopter to the bottom of Grand Canyon where you go on a river boat ride on the Colorado River.

The President & The First Lady Surprise Visitors on White House Tours

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off the resumption of East Wing and Executive Residence tours by surprising White House tour guests in the Blue Room. Members of the public interested in scheduling a tour of the East Wing and Executive Residence should contact their Member of Congress. For more information about tours of the White House, please visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/tours-and-events

Bakery and Wine Shop Interior Design

Beautiful interiors of a bakery and wine shop located in Seoul.

Celebrity Cafe & Bakery @ Hollywood in Universal Studios Singapore

Celebrity Cafe & Bakery @ Hollywood in Universal Studios Singapore

A Ramble Round the Shambles

"Shambles" is an obsolete term for an open-air slaughterhouse and meat market. They were the sites on which butchers killed and dressed animals for consumption. The Shambles of York is one of the best preserved of these old streets in England, with overhanging timber-framed buildings, some dating back as far as the fourteenth century. It was once known as The Great Flesh Shambles, probably from the Anglo-Saxon Fleshammels (literally 'flesh-shelves'), the word for the shelves that butchers used to display their meat. As recently as 1872 there were twenty-five butchers' shops in the street but now there are none. The shops currently comprise a mixture of eateries and souvenir shops, but there is also a bookshop and a bakery. Joyce Williams took Mel and I on a conducted tour of this historic site.

Destination - Springridge Farm

Come to Springridge Farm and experience the Fun Farm Yard, Seasonal Festivals, and the Barn Market featuring gourmet products, a cafe/bakery and a gift boutique. Also great for Birthday Parties and School Tours.

Fall Home Decor

Take a look around Cinnamon Square Bakery

Master baker Paul gives us a tour of Cinnamon Square, the award winning bakery in Rickmansworth.

La Baguette de Normandy in Parker, Colorado Tour

Take a quick tour of La Baguette de Normandy in Parker, Colorado. La Baguette de Normandy, a French bakery recently arrived from France, has opened its doors in Parker, south of Denver, under the leadership of Chef Michael Dupont, who has been a certified master baker, chef and chocolatier for 25 years.

Stephanie's Thanksgiving Party Bus

Wicked Party Bus tour in the Rockies with tour guide Stephanie.

Nintendo Holiday Tour Bus

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