Take a tour of the Bush Center

WFAA: UNIVERSITY PARK — The George W. Bush Presidential Center expects to attract 400,000 visitors in its first year, a huge boon to the city and to its home at Southern Methodist University.

Documenting more than two years of construction, EarthCam construction cameras captured progress for the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, TX. More than 156,000 high-definition images and over 20,000 hours of archived imagery were hand-edited in a 2-minute time-lapse movie.

Luxury club for exotic cars

Atlanta Motorsports Park is a private club where members can drive and house their exotic sports cars.

Taking a Tour? Why Not Take a Hippo... Bus?

Shaw TV's James Green checks out the newest addition to Victoria's tourism industry: The Hippo Bus!

Take a Tour of Hard Rock's Closed-to-the-Public Vault

From Madonna's iconic 'Like a Virgin' dress to Beatles' lyrics to a handwritten Courtney Love rant, Fuse takes an inside look at some gems from the Orlando warehouse.

President Obama Tours the 2013 White House Science Fair

President Obama talks with students about their projects at the 2013 White House Science Fair. April 22, 2013.

Source: whitehouse

Tour of Bob's Space Racers - Makers of Whac-a-Mole games and many others

Take a full tour of Bob's Space Racers factory in Daytona Beach, Florida. They are most famous for originating and manufacturing Whac-a-Mole games, but as you'll see, they make many other types of games. This was one stop on the Theme Park Review Florida Amusement Industry Tour on April 6, 2013. All profits from the tour went to Give Kids the World.

IAG Factory Tour

The International Armored Group as showcased on the television show Tactical Tech TV. Filmed on-location in the United Arab Emirates.

Tourists lock love on Paris bridge

Parisians and tourists attached padlocks onto the Pont des Arts bridge on Thursday to celebrate Valentine's Day in the French capital - the "City of Love". The lovestruck couples then threw the padlocks' keys into the Seine from the bridge.

City Tour Cusco - PerĂº

Qoricancha (Coricancha), Q'enqo, Puka Pukara, Tambomachay, View of the main historical Incas within the perimeter of historic downtown Cuzco.

Live from Rancho Cordova City Hall Tour

Do you know what secret is under the floor of the Council Chambers? Take a quick 5-minute tour of Rancho Cordova City Hall with Mayor Linda Budge.

Yarra Valley Wine Experience

Entertaining and educational day trips to one of Australian premier wine regions featuring wine expert guides and a great lunch.

2013 Spring Trials: Sakata

Chris and Ellen take a tour of Japanese seed company Sakata to see what they had new for this year.

Welcome to 907 Tours in Anchorage, Alaska

John and Susan Fouse welcome you to 907 Tours, a quality day tour company located in Anchorage, Alaska.

Internet company opens 'play' office

An internet company which wants staff to feel a bit more excited when they turn up to work has changed its office layout to make it more fun. A helter skelter to get between floors, an indoor tree house for meetings, a cinema and swings have been installed at the new headquarters in Southampton for web hosting firm Peer 1. The firm said it hoped the fun and creative features would inspire creativity and productivity among staff.

New York City tour HD April 2013

Best things to see in NYC (5th avenue, Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, World trade center, Central park, Top of the rock, Empire state building, NYU,...)

Lionville House-Photo Tour

Restoration of c. 1820-1850 stone farmhouse rental property in Chester Springs, PA.

Welcome to Bike and Roll San Francisco

Welcome to Bike and Roll, your source for bicycle rentals in San Francisco and the original "Bike the Golden Gate" experience. The best way to experience San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and other great attractions is by bicycle. Bike and Roll's bicycle rentals, trip recommendations and customer service are the best in the industry. We are America's leading bicycle rental and tour company, serving thousands of satisfied customers each year in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Miami Beach and Washington D.C.

Garland's Spring Creek Forest Preserve 2013 Trout Lilly Tour

These flowers bloom in the winter but give hope that spring is just around the corner. The simple flowers seen at 20th Annual Trout Lilly Tour at Spring Creek Forest Preserve didn't disappoint those who went to see them.

Panama Travel Corp - Panama

Panama Travel Corp is a US based company with offices in Panama that organize individual tours and complete vacation planning to their customers. Tours are in Panama City, taboga, Bocas del Toro and Boquete. A small boat eco adventure on Lake Gatun could take you visit Monkey Island, Bathe in Waterfalls & see the Panama Canal Expansion Up Close or a classic, transit through the Canal Locks! Find out more: http://myde.st/16U3N5j

Behind The Scenes At Envelopes.com

An exciting, behind-the-scenes tour of the largest Envelope company on the web. Take a virtual tour of the the Envelopes.com warehouse, fulfillment center and office! Get a close look at the fast-paced environment, the awesome machinery and the extensive warehouse!

Redline Rafting "Molokini" Snorkeling Tour

Redline Rafting "Molokini" Snorkeling Tour, Maui - April 8, 2013

Northland Forest Products Virtual Tour

The New Phylrich Factory Tour - Truly Made In the USA

A glimpse inside the new Phylrich. With over 75 specialized machines and a team of skilled craftsman, we choose to go against current trends of outsourcing. Genuine manufacturing in the USA at our foundry, design center and company headquarters located in Costa Mesa, California.

Stonehenge Private Viewing. Special Access Tour, April 2013

Stonehenge is a "must see" for anyone visiting the UK. Our Stonehenge Special Access tour gives you privileged access to the Stone Circle in the evening. As one of the country's most famous World Heritage sites most visitors are not allowed direct access to the stones, but we have arranged with English Heritage for privileged access when the site is closed to the general public! www.StonehengeTours.com

Chateaux-Hotels in France, presented by The Couture Travel Company

The Chauteaux-Hotels are a collection of beautiful restored and refurbished castles and palaces. Each of them is unique and fulfills any need you can imagine.

British Clothing Company Tour

Everglades Tour Guide Wrangles Python on Camera

Pick on someone your own size! Florida tour guide wrestles Burmese python which turns out to be 10.5ft long and stronger than him. A family of four taking a canoe tour of the Florida Everglades got an extra special surprise when their guide jumped out of the boat to wrestle a Burmese python.

MIT Hobby Shop

In the 1937-38 academic year, Vannevar Bush, then Vice President of MIT, granted a group of 16 MIT students permission to use a room in the basement of building 2. With equipment they found around the Institute they set up a wood and metal shop in the 16-foot by 22-foot area. The club members chose the name "Hobby Shop" based on their belief in the philosophy that the well rounded individual pursued interests outside their profession - hobbies. Now in its 75th year, we take a look back how the Hobby Shop began, and evolved to what it is today.

Inside Google: How to Create an Office People Never Want To Leave

Google's Christopher Coleman takes Bloomberg Businessweek inside the Mountainview headquarters of the Internet search giant, and talks about how to create a workplace employees never want to leave.

Wall Street of Zurich Is Like No Other

Zurich, about the size of Manhattan, is home to 110 different banks and one quarter of its population is employed in the financial sector... more than twice as much as New York. Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker reports.

Source: Bloomberg

DATSIK: The Coachella Diaries

A short film dedicated to DATSIK's experience in California for North America's premier music festival, Coachella.

Bike Tour Barcelona

"Steel Donkeys is Barcelona's only alternative bike tours company! We travel in a small group (max. 8 people) to discover tapas bars, flea markets, street art, hiddens squares and treasures. We have the best English speaking local guides (Catalan and Spanish), brand new easy-to-ride bikes, and we take you out of tourist-ville to show you the coolest districts and beaches..." http://www.steeldonkeybiketours.com

Tour of Sally Corporation, makers of dark rides, animatronics and more

Take a full tour of Sally Corporation - The Great American Dark Ride Company in Jacksonville, Florida. They are most famous for their dark rides such as Lost Kingdom Adventure at Legoland Florida, but as you'll see, they make animatronics and more. This was one stop on the Theme Park Review Florida Amusement Industry Tour on April 6, 2013. All profits from the tour went to Give Kids the World.

Kretz Lumber Co. Sawmill Tour

Enjoy a virtual tour of the Kretz Lumber Co. Sawmill. We are a proud employee owned company that has located on the same site since 1929. This video will help show our process of bringing the beauty of the forest to your home.

Take A Tour of the Legoland Hotel

What is a Legoland hotel like? From pirate-themed rooms to millions of Lego pieces scattered throughout, here's a look at the new Carlsbad, CA, getaway.

Source: WSJDigitalNetwork

Leatherman Factory Tour - Portland, Oregon

Concordia Irvine Chemistry Lab Tour

John Kenney, PhD shows of the equipment in the Concordia Irvine chemistry lab.

Seattle Segway Tour

Tour around Seattle on a Segway, starting from Pioneer Square and then up into Seattle, passing by many famous landmarks such as the downtown waterfront piers and parks, Edgewater hotel, Olympic Sculpture Park, Belltown, Seattle Center, Pacific Science Center, International Fountain, Experience Music Project, and lots of street wandering in between. For more info: www.CelebrateBig.com

One of a Kind Milly: Take a Tour of Milly's NYC Studio!

We're taking you inside Milly's design studio in this edition of One of a Kind! Our winner Laura flew all the way from San Diego to the fashion capital, New York City, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Michelle Smith, the designer of her favorite brand, Milly. Watch as Laura sits down with the designer and finds out that she will be getting her very own, one-of-a-kind bag designed just for her!

In our second episode of One of a Kind, our winner tours Milly's NYC fashion studio to see where all the magic happens. From the patternmakers to the luxe European fabrics, Milly headquarters is bustling with a huge team that creates all of Michelle Smith's exquisite designs. Watch as our winner Laura takes an intimate tour of Milly HQ, then heads to the flagship store to play dress up. You already know she's getting a one-of-a-kind Milly handbag, but wait, there's more! Click on to see it all.

The big moment is here! In our final episode of One of a Kind: Milly, our winner Laura receives her one-of-a-kind Milly handbag that designer Michelle Smith created just for her. But what Laura doesn't know is that we have several other surprises in store for her. Let's just say she's getting a few other treats, including a dedicated photo shoot! Watch on to see the entire journey unfold.

Inside Frantic Life of NYC's Fulton Fish Market

While most New Yorkers sleep, the fishmongers of the Fulton Fish Market are frantically filleting, selling and packaging seafood. Located in the South Bronx, the market is the world's second largest after Tokyo, Japan.

A Minute Away: Damp and dark in La Jolla

La Jolla's got beaches and tidepools and money, of course. But it's also got this cool, old cave. Don't believe those people who call it a tourist trap. For $4, you creep down 145 steps of man-made tunnel to the water's edge, where you're likely to see kayakers and hear sea lions. Or vice versa. Or both.
Location: 1325 Coast Blvd. La Jolla, CA 92037-3684

Shot by LA Times travel writer/videographer Christopher Reynolds.

A Minute Away: Fishing poles, flotation devices at Lake George, N.Y.

Lake George, up near the top of New York state, is a classic summer destination. Once you arrive, you spend endless hours doing nothing much, usually in the water or near it. Shot by LA Times travel writer/videographer Christopher Reynolds.

A Minute Away: Flat surf. Day's end. Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

The ocean is flat, but the sun is low, the light is interesting and the tide-poolers look pretty happy. LA Times travel writer/videographer Christopher Reynolds shot this short video at the foot of Ladera Street in the Sunset Cliffs area of Point Loma, San Diego.

A Minute Away: Granite, sand and Joshua Tree

A quiet minute in harsh country. LA Times travel writer/videographer Christopher Reynolds shot this footage of climbers, rocks and almost lunar scenery.

A Minute Away- Tumult and hush at the New York Public Library

Outside, city chaos. Inside, order and grandeur. LA Times travel writer/videographer prowls one of the nation's great libraries.

Life inside a 'dome' home

See what it's like to live in a house with a geodesic dome.

Atlas Survival Shelters: Corrugated 10'x50' Underground Home Virtual Tour

Savinelli Pipes, Factory Tour

The case of Savinelli is that of an enduring and thriving family business whose enviable reputation has endured for well over a century. Presently the largest pipe factory in the whole of Italy, the secret behind their success may very well consist of their readiness to adopt new formats and introduce new designs so as to suit the widest audience possible. Italian pipes, whose popularity is particularly high in the United States, are known throughout the world for the choice of quality briar as well as for their coherent shapes. Adopting both the latest industrial practices and preserving the tradition that earned their country this enviable notoriety, Savinelli continues to innovate pipe smoking every year and preserve their production at the highest standards. This blend of old and new, of manual and industrial, is what I believe defines this outstanding brand.

My Father Cigars Factory Tour

Emerson's Cigars recently toured the facilities used at My Father Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. We spent a few days touring the fields and factories used in bringing you all your favorite My Father Cigars.

A group of lucky Waitrose customers go on a tour of Prince Charles' Duchy Originals farm

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