A Tour of Moore's Creek Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Moores Creek Advanced Waste Water Treatment (Charlottesville, VA) plant tours were co-sponsored by the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority and the Rivanna Conservation Society.

Take a Tour of the Capital Dome and See Why It Needs Repair

Take a Tour of the Capital Dome and See Why It Needs Repair

Carnival Sunshine "Captain's Suite" 9115 Tour

A tour of the best cabin on the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship... cabin 9115, one of two Captain's Suites onboard. This is the largest cabin on the ship and also features the largest balcony. This suite has a living room, a bedroom, two bathrooms, two televisions, a wardrobe area with closets, and large picture windows with an amazing view. The large balcony has padded outdoor furniture and is wind protected by large glass windows at the front and side.

This cabin is located at the far forward end of Lido deck, directly above the ship's bridge. It did not originally exist when this ship was the Carnival Destiny. The "Captain's Suites" were added during the 2013 refurbishment when the ship was transformed in to the Carnival Sunshine.

You may be wondering if the "Captain's Suite" is where the Captain of the ship sleeps. No, the Captain has a cabin just behind the bridge on deck 8. In fact, you can look in to his cabin window from the balcony of 9115... since the balcony of 9115 sticks out past the side of the ship.

The cost of the Captain's Suite is approximately three times that of a standard balcony cabin. It was fun to experience it once, but certainly not an expense I could justify for every cruise. It could make an awful lot of sense for a family, though... because of three beds (one in its own bedroom), two bathrooms, two televisions, and a bathtub that would make washing the kids a lot easier than trying to do it in a cruise ship shower.

It is also a very quiet cabin... with no noise sources nearby. However, the air conditioning system is VERY noisy! We just turned it off except for when absolutely needed

A Tour of the Newsroom

My Fox Carolinas VP of Local Content Geoff Roth gives you a little Christmas Eve tour of the new newsroom.

Tour of Denmark's Parkour Parks

Oliver Thorpe from Street Movement, Bjarke Hellden from Team Jiyo and Fizz Hood from Parkour Generations takes us on a tour of Denmark's Parkour parks.

See Where Santa is Tracked

The North American Aerospace Defense Command -- or NORAD-- is tracking Santa's progress around the world this Christmas Eve. The popular service has been in place for nearly 60 years.

Santa's Workshop Tour by Pat Darling, Port Jefferson Village, NY

Secret Tour Of Santa's Workshop At The North Pole, Santa Claus And The North Pole

Be transported to Santa's authentic Workshop at the North Pole, where all the magic happens.  Through this slideshow, tour the entire workshop, build toys with the elves, visit the toy factory today.

Take a Tour of the Capital Dome and See Why It Needs Repair

Take a Tour of Southern Living’s Nashville Idea House

Southern Living is one of the most popular magazines in the U.S. Their 2013 Idea House in Nashville, Tennessee is where the pages come to life. I’m taking a tour around the estate to check it out.

Tour the world's largest gingerbread house

It took more than two tons of butter and brown sugar to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gingerbread house in Bryan, Texas.

At Home With Dr. Ruth - Apartment Tour

Dr. Ruth Westheimer has lived in Washington Heights for almost half a century. Her apartment is home to a myriad of cherished objects collected over her lifetime.

Source: TheNewYorkTimes

Taste Tour: Must-Try Pie Shops Across the U.S.

We went across the country and found three awesome artisanal bakers turning out some of the country's best pies. Whether you're looking for a slice during the holidays or just want to sneak a piece for an everyday dessert, these are the shops that you should hit. Check out our pics in the video above, and get gorging. These three venues prove that it's always time for pie.

White Pass Thanksgiving 2-Minute Tour

It's Thanksgiving and we'd all rather be skiing. That's a fact. Since you've been asking, we thought we'd produce a little 2-minute show & tell so you clearly understand the snowpack (or lack thereof). Hopefully the storms will hit this week and we'll see you next weekend. Happy Thanksgiving (anyway) - Ben

2013 L.A. Auto Show with CarCast with Adam Carolla

New cars from Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ford, Lexus and more at the 2013 L.A. Auto Show

Tour of Gili Air (Gili Islands), Lombok, Indonesia

Jimmy Seervai gives us a culinary tour of South India

Jimmy Seervai takes us on a tour of India and shows us the secret to sensational seafood.

Historical Tour: AERIAL TOUR OF WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE - Department of Defense


An Easy Tour of Wulai Aboriginal Village, Taiwan

Wulai is the home of Atayal tribe people, one of Taiwan's 14 aboriginal tribes, and where you can observe waterfalls, take a push-car ride, cable car, and learn about their customs. Wulai also has mineral hot springs that can be experienced in either a commercially operated resort (rent a hotel room for a few hours) or go to a public pool on the bank of the Nanshi River.

Taiwan is filled to the brim with tourists primarily from Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Malayasia and Singapore. Marine and I were a novelty as two of the few non-Asians seen over 14 days. The fun of Wulai lies in walking the small streets filled with food stalls and shops selling "traditional" Atayal goods along with everything but the kitchen sink. Go with the crowd flow, enjoy the scenery and ambiance...

Tour of Margaret River 2013

The Satalyst Tour of Margaret River cuts it's way through one of the most renown and scenic areas of Australia.

The Jungle (tent city in Ithaca) through Google Glass

Carmen Guidi, from Second Wind Cottages, was nice enough to give me a tour of one of this countries most infamous tent cities known as the Jungle. The Jungle is in Ithaca, New York.

See where cranberries come from

The Thanksgiving dinner staple has to float on the water in a bog to be harvested.

Macy's Unveils Holiday Windows

New York's elaborate seasonal window displays are being unveiled. The Macy's Christmas windows display a little boy's journey through an enchanted forest on Christmas Eve and includes an interactive element where spectators can manipulate snow.

Take a Tour of the Los Angeles Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto Show had a star-like quality on Wednesday (November 20), as the word's top automakers unveiled an eclectic group of designs and models during the the show's preview media days, ahead of its official kick-off this weekend.

The auto industry, which has showed better than modest signs of a recovery, will offer up more than 50 new models in Los Angeles, including nearly 2 dozen cars making their debuts.

Jaguar was among those, taking the wraps off its F-Type coupe, a hard top version of its highly praised roadster of the same name.

"It changed Jaguar quite a bit. Actually, it was all part of the plan. We wanted to change Jaguar," explained Ian Callum, design director at Jaguar, on the impact of the success of the F-Type.

"The thing is from my point of view is that it brings us back to where we belong. It's not about reinventing the company, it's about bringing us back. Jaguar is always known for being a sports car company and the E-Type was the center of that," said Callum.

Also on display were the effects of the consumers' growing love affair with "crossover" vehicles that combine the functionality and cachet of sport utility vehicles with the comfort and performance of a car.

Porsche is just the latest in the global automotive industry to pile on more crossovers as it showed off its fifth model, the Macam, at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Tuesday night (November 19).

Meanwhile, Ford, which has numerous sport utility and crossover models in its lineup, introduced a design concept of its Edge on Wednesday that hints at the look of future versions of that mid-sized crossover.

"It is a concept car that definitely hints at where we are going to take the next generation," said Raj Nair, head of global development at Ford. "I think it has a lot of design cues that work well on the current Edge."

General Motors is banking on American consumers' desire for something different from cars and crossover utility vehicles to drive demand for its Chevrolet Colorado, which debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday.

GM believes the new Colorado will be far more successful than its last appearance when U.S. sales peaked in 2005.

"This is a white space for us," said Mark Reuss, president of General Motors North America. "There is some risk, I love it because there is some risk. Because, I think there is some great reward and there is no one else that is going to copy us immediately. So, I am looking forward to it."

BMW was among those putting on display their line up electric cars. The luxury carmaker announced that it has orders for nearly 10,000 of its i3 electric cars, the first of which were delivered in Germany last week.

BMW also said that its i8 plug-in hybrid sports car due to be introduced in mid-2014 has sold out for its first year of availability.

"To people these look like concept cars, these look like show cars from 10-years from now," explained Paul Ferraiolo, BMW head of product planning and strategy. "They are not, the i3 and the i8 are production cars with a design and technology that a lot of people think is off in the future. But it is not, it is ready now."

The 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show opens on Friday (November 22) and runs through December 01

Paul Smith gives us a tour of his Design Museum exhibition

Fashion designer Paul Smith shows The Telegraph around his Design Museum exhibition "Hello, my name is Paul Smith".

The World's Biggest, Fastest, Priciest Private Jet

The Dubai Air Show has seen record orders for new planes. Bloomberg's Elliott Gotkine got a look inside the show's premier private jet: the Gulfstream G-650. It's the biggest, fastest and most expensive worldwide.

Source: Bloomberg

Welcome to the Most Tech-Savvy Stadium in America

The San Francisco 49ers are moving to Silicon Valley and they've got a new high-tech stadium to show for it. From apps for hot dog and beer delivery at your seat, to fantasy football lounges...Levi's Stadium is decked out for the tech elite. Bloomberg West's Emily Chang has an inside look at Levi's Stadium.

Source: Bloomberg

A Tour of Tobago

Maya Wolfe-Robinson takes us on a personal journey of Tobago, showing the Caribbean island's paradise beaches, tropical landscapes, a fishing village and a pan yard.

Have You Got What it Takes to Be a Lego Designer?

The toymaker Lego invited a group of 21 prospective designers to their headquarters in Denmark to see if they have what it takes to become a Lego designer. Johannes Ledel watches the hopefuls as they are put through a series of "brutal" exercises.

Exclusive: Trekking Branson's $17M Necker Island

Bloomberg's Trish Reagan spends a weekend with Richard Branson on his private island. Branson tells her how lightning burned the house to the ground back in August 2011. Bloomberg got an exclusive look at the new Great House finished just this month. Anyone can own the new and improved Necker island for a day... if they're willing to pony up $60k for the privilege.

Source: Bloomberg

Halong Bay Cruise Tours of Calypso Halong BayVietnam

Touring around El Paso.- Texas, USA

My couchsurfing host and his girlfriend take me around El Paso. We go to open markets and walk around downtown.

Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon Tours by Sky Safari of Sedona Air Tours will take you on a Grand Canyon tour like no other. You are flown in a fixed wing aircraft from the Sedona Airport to the a private airport near the Grand Canyon, then taken by helicopter to the bottom of Grand Canyon where you go on a river boat ride on the Colorado River.

The President & The First Lady Surprise Visitors on White House Tours

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off the resumption of East Wing and Executive Residence tours by surprising White House tour guests in the Blue Room. Members of the public interested in scheduling a tour of the East Wing and Executive Residence should contact their Member of Congress. For more information about tours of the White House, please visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/tours-and-events

Bakery and Wine Shop Interior Design

Beautiful interiors of a bakery and wine shop located in Seoul.

Celebrity Cafe & Bakery @ Hollywood in Universal Studios Singapore

Celebrity Cafe & Bakery @ Hollywood in Universal Studios Singapore

A Ramble Round the Shambles

"Shambles" is an obsolete term for an open-air slaughterhouse and meat market. They were the sites on which butchers killed and dressed animals for consumption. The Shambles of York is one of the best preserved of these old streets in England, with overhanging timber-framed buildings, some dating back as far as the fourteenth century. It was once known as The Great Flesh Shambles, probably from the Anglo-Saxon Fleshammels (literally 'flesh-shelves'), the word for the shelves that butchers used to display their meat. As recently as 1872 there were twenty-five butchers' shops in the street but now there are none. The shops currently comprise a mixture of eateries and souvenir shops, but there is also a bookshop and a bakery. Joyce Williams took Mel and I on a conducted tour of this historic site.

Destination - Springridge Farm

Come to Springridge Farm and experience the Fun Farm Yard, Seasonal Festivals, and the Barn Market featuring gourmet products, a cafe/bakery and a gift boutique. Also great for Birthday Parties and School Tours.

Fall Home Decor

Take a look around Cinnamon Square Bakery

Master baker Paul gives us a tour of Cinnamon Square, the award winning bakery in Rickmansworth.

La Baguette de Normandy in Parker, Colorado Tour

Take a quick tour of La Baguette de Normandy in Parker, Colorado. La Baguette de Normandy, a French bakery recently arrived from France, has opened its doors in Parker, south of Denver, under the leadership of Chef Michael Dupont, who has been a certified master baker, chef and chocolatier for 25 years.

Stephanie's Thanksgiving Party Bus

Wicked Party Bus tour in the Rockies with tour guide Stephanie.

Nintendo Holiday Tour Bus

Haunted Mansion tribute museum at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend 2013

In partnership with the MuckleBones Monster Museum, Spooky Empire is featuring a walk through exhibit inspired by Disney's Haunted Mansion as a tribute with ghoulish variations on familiar ride characters including the bride, Hatbox Ghost, Hitchhiking Ghosts, Madame Leota, Careatker, and more. It's included with admission at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Real haunted tours Mounds theatre

The mounds theatre has a little bit more than just plays going on inside its interior. There are things that go bump in the night.

Georgetown Morgue Haunted House - Seattle Haunts (2013)

The KUBE 93FM Haunted House is located at the Georgetown Morgue in Seattle, Washington.

Interview with the Ghost Lady of Lafayette, owner of Haunted Lafayette Tours

My name is Kasey Gilbert Clark. I am the owner of Haunted Lafayette Tours. ALL of the videos and website content was created by me. Haunted Lafayette Tours opened for business in 2013 after a culmination of years of historical research and interviews of descendants of the founding families in Lafayette.

Haunted Houston Tours's Old Town Walking Tour

EVP's with Bonnie & Clyde from the robbery of the Bank in Old Town Spring.

Six Flags Fright Fest: Walk through Dr. Fright's Frightorium Haunted House

Six Flags is full of frights and scares for Fright Fest. Here's a chance to walk through Dr. Fright's Frightorium, the haunted house at Fright Fest.

Haunted History Tour in Palm Bay, FL

A teaser promo for the Haunted History Tour in Palm Bay, FL.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - Griffith Park, CA

The Clifton Twins, daughters of Zoo Keeper Ferdinand Clifton were rumored for years to suffer from violent nightmares so uncontrollable they were treated for sleep disorders. Their Journals, which documented these ghastly visions, were found in their entirety and the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride has recreated their contents.

The Nottingham Ghost Walk

The Nottingham Ghost Walk has been haunting Nottingham's streets for over 20 years! In the shadows of the Castle, in a graveyard and underground in ancient sandstone caves, we weave our web of haunting tales - ghostly screams, gory executions, haunting history, they are all grist to our ghoulish mill. We run every Saturday at 7.00pm from The Salutation Inn, Maid Marian Way, NG1 6AJ, all year. We also run special Ghost Walks for groups of all kinds, on any day and (almost) any time -- and we are the most successful walking tour in Nottingham!

Hey Centerville! Haunted History Tour 2013

Guest Lisa Eddy Gives us the Inside Scoop on this year's Haunted History Tour!

Haunted Places In Utah Tour

A guide to some of the most well known haunted locations in Utah, USA. If you have visited any of these locations, feel free to comment below with your experiences.

Haunted History Ghost Tour | New Orleans

A New Orleans trip isn't complete without a ghost tour. This one was more about comical entertainment rather than pure scariness, but it was still a lot of fun. Plus, we got to grab some drinks at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar, which is the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States.

The Russell Rush Haunted Tour "Yorktown Memorial Hospital"

Inside Fenway's "Green Monster"

CNN's Brooke Baldwin takes us behind the scenes at Fenway Park.

Source: CNN

A 22-Course Meal, in 22 Settings - Shanghai's Ultraviolet Restaurant

At the restaurant Ultraviolet in Shanghai, Chef Paul Pairet has taken the dining and turned it into theater, adding ambient music, enhancing scent and unorthodox utensils to the menu.

Tomorrow's Top Superyacht From Today's Top Architect

Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Zaha Hadid's new yachts.

Pearl Jam's Mike McCready Takes You Backstage at NYC's Barclays Center

The guitarist for the world-famous rock band talks about their new album, "Lightning Bolt."

An Inside Look at the "Michael Jackson One" Cirque Du Soleil Show

Jamie King, writer/director of the "Michael Jackson One" Cirque Du Soleil show and former MJ backup dancer, talks to the WSJ's Lee Hawkins about the challenge of doing a show that lives up to Jackson's high standards and his working relationship with John Branca, chairman of The Michael Jackson Co. and co-executor of Jackson's estate. According to the estate, Jackson has sold more than 50 million records since his death, and 70 percent of his sales come from outside the United States. King also discusses "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour," which he also wrote and directed.

Source: WSJDigitalNetwork

Spain Tour Itineraries Vapour Trails Direct

Vapour Trails Direct brings you a host of tour itineraries across the whole of Spain. From the mountainous north to the hot and culturally rich south, with its Moorish influences, such as the Alhambra.

Winter Bike Tour in Mongolia

When winter arrives, you might think that bicycling season is over. But with a little knowledge and practice, winter riding can be highly rewarding. Enjoy an amazing winter adventure on our full day Winter Bike Tour around Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. For more information, visit Mongolia Expeditions.

Arctic Circle Air Adventure with North Alaska Tour Company

The flight portions of the Arctic Circle Air Adventure from North Alaska Tour Company. Flying over Brooks Range and crossing the Arctic Circle. On a Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain plane. Tour arrives into Coldfoot, visits Trans Alaska Pipeline and the wilderness of Wiseman.

Stroll a $13 million chateau with a moat

You won't believe that this 19,000 square foot chateau less than an hour outside of Miami has a meditation garden -- and a moat.

Dan Barth gives a tour of the Pioneer Place

Pioneer Place of Fifth Theatre co-founder Dan Barth gives a tour of the historic Elks Club building that’s celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

Tour the States - Official Music Video

"Tour the States" is track #1 from Brain Beats - the mnemonic CD that features 14 brilliantly catchy songs to help you remember things you've always wanted to learn, but couldn't.

Music by Renald Francoeur
Drawing by Craighton Berman

Inside a Luxury $45 Million Paris Mansion

In Paris, the luxury real estate market is drawing foreign investors again. After a one-year-long slowdown since President Hollande was elected, foreigners have realized that most new taxes only apply to French buyers. Bloomberg visited a $45 million mansion to find out more.

Join Nadia Zaal on a Tour of Nurai

USAC Panama Tour

USAC students explore the rainforest and rivers of Tortuguero Costa Rica. USAC students go on a boat tour through Tortuguero National Park and discover exotic animals in the rainforest.

Halloween House Tour 2013

In this video I will take you along throughout the areas of my home that are decorated for Halloween! I LOVE the Fall season, and Halloween is just another one of my favorite Holidays for decorating. This year, I have chosen the theme from Alfred Hitchcock's...'The Birds' movie.

Top 5 Haunted Savannah Inns

Coming to Savannah? Join us on one of our Savannah Ghost Tours with Haunted Savannah Tours! http://www.hauntedsavannahtours.com

Walt Whitman Birthplace Home guided tour & haunted possibilities

Join me on Guided Tour of the Walt Whitman Birthplace Home with some haunted leanings! Also hear Walt Whitman speak from old recording I play at end of film.

Location in Huntington, NY Building circa 1810
Site on Long Island listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Scouting for Paranormal location by James E. Garcia With Orabella Planos and Docent Diane

Tour of the Famous and Haunted Hollywood Tower

Psychic, Medium Patti Negri gives us a behind the scenes look inside the famous and haunted Hollywood landmark. Patti also points out that the building's elevator inspired Disney's Tower of Terror ride.

Tour of John Lennons house in Woolton

Tour The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus!

Take a video tour of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus led by Executive Director, Brian Rothschild and staff on board the Bus. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a non-profit 501(c)(3) state-of-the-art mobile audio and HD video recording and production facility. In its fourteenth year, with the very newest technology and gear, the Bus continues to be dedicated to providing young people with tours of the studios and participation in free songwriting and multimedia production workshops. With the assistance of three on-board engineers, students learn how to write, perform, record, and produce original songs, produce and shoot music videos and documentaries and complete a broadcast quality music video -- all in one day!

ART Station "A Tour of Southern Ghosts" 2013

Commercial from ART Station's 2013 storytelling festival, "A Tour of Southern Ghosts" held at Georgia's Stone Mountain Park's Antebellum Plantation featuring ghost stories from the Southeastern United States. Copyright Scott Bowser and ART Station, Inc.

British Airways -- Take a tour of our 787 Dreamliner (short version)

British Airways Senior First Officer Adrian Anderson takes you on an exclusive guided tour of our new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Jackie O's Post-White House Apartment at 1040 Fifth Avenue in NYC-Eminent Domains-Vanity Fair

Jackie Kennedy Onassis moved to 1040 Fifth Avenue after her husband President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. She assumed that New Yorkers, especially those on the Upper East Side, would let her live in peace. Most did—except the infamous paparazzo Ron Galella.

Behind the Scenes at Berkeley Lab - The Mechanical Fabrication Facility

Part of the Behind the Scenes series at Berkeley Lab, this video highlights the lab's mechanical fabrication facility and its exceptional ability to produce unique tools essential to the lab's scientific mission. Through a combination of skilled craftsmanship and precision equipment, machinists and engineers work with scientists to create exactly what's needed -- whether it's measured in microns or meters.

Inside Look at Dunkin' Donuts' Secret Lab

How does Dunkin' Donuts keep you coming back for more? It's all about science, getting the right ingredients into the right confection. Bloomberg gives you an inside look at their test kitchen.

Source: Bloomberg

How a Car Gets Made... in Just 20 Hours

Bloomberg follows a car down the assembly line at Ford's Michigan AssemblyPlant to find out how a car is made at one of the most flexible plants in the world. At this plant, five cars are built on same line (including hybrids and regular gas engine cars).

Source: Bloomberg

A Tour to Kashmir -- The Crown Jewel of India

In this special episode, NDTV's Neeta Sharma takes a tour of Kashmir admired for its splendid beauty and also deemed the crown jewel of India. She speaks takes a tour of the Dal lake in the famous 'Shikara' and speaks to a few tourists about how safe they feel while visiting the state.  (Audio in Hindi)

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Behind the Scenes walking tour

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Behind the Scenes walking tour with Tony Baxter, the Extinct Attractions club version. Go on a walking tour of the history of the Haunted Mansion.

Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of Scaglione Brothers Bakery & Deli

In this video interview recorded with Glass, Joe Scaglione Jr., who co-owns Scaglione Brothers Bakery & Deli with his brother Dan, explains that they continue to make their bread the old-fashioned way -- by hand, just as their father and grandfather did. Hipsters tend to call anything hand-made "artisanal," but less pretentious synonyms would be "traditional" or "authentic." Follow the baking process from the time the loaves are loaded onto the revolving shelves of the 500-degree (F) oven to when they're taken out.

Take a Tour of the TomorrowWorld 2013 Festival

Get More: Music News

Take a Tour of Earth's NEW Island off the Coast of Pakistan

Satellite images of the mysterious island that rose up from the sea last week reveal that it is round, with cracks and remarkably flat, similar to a 'mud pie'.

The island, named Zalzala Koh, emerged after a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck 145 miles southeast of Dalbandin in Pakistan's quake-prone province of Baluchistan.

It has become an attraction for tourists and locals who have visited the area despite toxic, flammable gas being emitted from its cracks.

The surface is covered in sea creatures such as dead fish and is a mixture of mud, sand and rock.

The latest images were taken by Nasa's Earth Observing-1 and Landsat 8 satellites just days after the island emerged.

The lighter shades of green and tan in the water reveal shallow seafloor or suspended sediment.

The water depth around the new island is roughly 15 to 20 meters, according to marine geologist Asif Inam of Pakistan's National Institute of Oceanography.

'The floor in that area is generally flat, but the gradient in this area changes quite abruptly,' said Mr Inam.

The aerial photograph above provides a close-up of the landform, estimated to stretch 75 to 90 meters across and standing 15 to 20 meters (60 to 70 feet) above the water line.
The below image is also clear enough to show the parallel ripples of waves marching toward the shore.

'The island is really just a big pile of mud from the seafloor that got pushed up,' said Bill Barnhart, a geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey who studies earthquakes in Pakistan and Iran.

'This area of the world seems to see so many of these features because the geology is correct for their formation.

'You need a shallow, buried layer of pressurised gas—methane, carbon dioxide, or something else—and fluids.

'When that layer becomes disturbed by seismic waves (like an earthquake), the gases and fluids become buoyant and rush to the surface, bringing the rock and mud with them.'

Dead fish have been spotted floating on the surface of the waters surrounding the island and visitors have heard hissing noises from the escaping toxic gas.

St. Bart's Vacation

As chic as it is beautiful, the French West Indian island of St. Barthelemy (aka St. Barts, St. Barth & St. Barths) is a Caribbean resort playground of the highest order. Villa rentals are the choice vacation option on this small, intimate island. With vacation villas ranging from cliffside modern motifs to beachside bungalows, a St. Barts villa rental allows you to have a home base from which to venture to the island's 22 beaches, numerous beach bistros, and over 50 swank restaurants & designer shopping options in the two main villages.

Arduino Factory Tour

Design Boom takes us to the Arduino Factory in Piedmont, Italy. Arduino isthe system of microcontrollers revolutionzing the maker movement and pioneering the concept of opensource hardware. Read more.

"Castle" Set Tour with Molly C. Quinn

YH is inside Raleigh Studios where actress Molly C. Quinn gives us an exclusive private tour of the set of her hit ABC series, "Castle" - check out The Loft, The Study, The Precinct, The Morgue, and more!

Pegula Ice Arena Facility Tour

Nittany Lion men's hockey goaltender PJ Musico (Orange, Calif.) takes you through Pegula Ice Arena - the new home of Penn State Hockey.

Take a tour of the Tennessee State Museum

Visitors will find special displays of Tennessee-made furniture, silver, weapons, quilts, and paintings. There is also a life-size water wheel and reproductions of an 18th century print shop, pioneer cabin, Antebellum parlor and Victorian painting gallery. The Tennessee State Museum's Civil War holdings of uniforms, battle flags and weapons are among the finest in the nation.

A tour of the Mission Rabies Mobile Veterinary Hospital

Luke Gamble, founder of Mission Rabies, gives a guided tour of our all-terrain, entirely self-sufficient, mobile veterinary hospital. This truck will aid in the running of outreach campaigns, training courses and mobile clinics across India. www.missionrabies.com/thetruck

A Tour of the new Library of Birmingham

A video tour of the brand new Library of Birmingham, the largest public library in Europe.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate's World's Most Expensive Homes

Welcome to the World's Most Expensive Homes presented by Coldwell Banker Real Estate. In this first episode we take you down to Miami Beach, Florida and inside one of the most expensive homes in the world: Casa Casuarina. Formerly known as the Versace Mansion, this incredibly ornate home is an entertainer's dream. Exclusively listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate mega agents, Jill Eber & Jill Hertzberg, who are more prominently known as The Jills, we give you a unique look inside a home that will command a price never before seen in Miami Beach. Sit back, relax and enjoy this premiere episode of the World's Most Expensive Homes.

On this episode of the World's Most Expensive Homes, we take you inside Jigsaw Ranch in Aspen, Colorado. This amazing estate listed with Coldwell Banker Mason Morse is truly a luxury escape.

In this latest episode of the Coldwell Banker video series World's Most Expensive Homes, we visit the tropical getaway that is St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and explore the luxury home known as The Estate at Spring Bay.

The next stop on our tour of the World's Most Expensive Homes takes us to the infamous wine country of the Napa Valley and the estate at the Quioxte Winery. Take a tour of this amazing property and area of Napa Valley in the latest episode of the Coldwell Banker series, World's Most Expensive Homes.

Taste Tour: San Francisco's Best Restaurants

Our 2014 San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants Survey just went live so let's take a look at two of our top restaurants for food in SF, Gary Danko and Acquerello. The video above offers a snapshot at what keeps these restaurants top-rated among our surveyors.

Source: ZAGAT

Minnie Mouse Gives Us a Detailed Tour of Her New Dressing Room at Disney's Hollywood Studios + Queue

Minnie Mouse gave us a tour of her new dressing room at Disney's Hollywood Studios! First, we take a look at the highly detailed queue, which has quite a few references to fan historical favorites (like the Orange Bird, Wally Boag, Owald, and so many more). Then Minnie shows us around her new meet & greet location, filled with awards and trophies, makeup, and photos of her with Mickey!

Moto X Factory Tour

MobileTechReview takes a tour of the Moto X factory in Ft. Worth, Texas. The 450,000 sq. ft factory houses 2500 workers who assemble the Moto X smartphone (both stock woven black and woven white as well as custom color orders from Moto Maker). We watch phones being assembled and watch gov. Rick Perry, Eric Schmidt of Google and Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside speak at the tour event. All Moto X Android smartphones are assembled here in the US at a rate of 100,000/week. To learn more about the Moto X, read the full review here.

First Ever Foxconn Apple Factory Tour

Jaguar Factory Tour - 1961

In 1961, a young man takes a tour of the Jaguar factory in Coventry. He sees how the cars are built and gets a ride in a brand new XK-E.

Introduction to the Community of Spring Valley Lake

Go on a tour around around the community of Spring Valley Lake (SVL), located in the Victor Valley of San Bernardino County.

Swamp People - Bruce Gives a Gator Tour

Follow Bruce as he takes some tourists on one of his famous gator tours.

San Francisco 1963 - Go on a Tour

San Francisco: Story of a City (1963) - the history of San Francisco from sailing ships which brought the gold miners of 1848, the workers of the transcontinental railroads, farmers, merchants, loggers and cattlemen. Depicts the city in 1963 as a center of wealth, culture and beauty. It shows the Golden Gate Bridge, Misión San Francisco de Asís, sailing ships from the 1800's including the Balclutha, Chinatown, Italian precincts and fashion is featured. It shows oil shipping. Golden Gate Park is featured. And California's freeways. And of course the short winding Lombard street.

Gets A Tour of Neil Patrick Harris’ Record-Breaking $3.6 Million Harlem Home

Neil Patrick Harris just broke a neighborhood purchase record by plunking down $3.6 million bucks on this NYC brownstone fit for his growing family (and more -- it's that HUGE).   Read more.

Miami Art Deco Segway Tour

Off we go to begin the most fascinating tour of Miami's Art Deco District. Great sights along the way including the amazing Ocean Drive, Versace's Mansion, South Pointe Park & Pier, South Beach Park, Bass Museum, Holocaust Memorial, Convention Center, the amazing Lincoln Rd Mall, Botanical Gardens and the quaint and fascinating Espanola Way!

Ellen's WB Tour

Who wouldn't want a tour of Ellen's offices from Ellen herself? These WB tourists got the surprise of their lives when they showed up at the Ellen offices. Take a look!

A tour of San Fran's oldest Neighborhood

San Fran's Mission District is a feast for the eyes and stomach.

Source: CNN

Inside the High-Security Pawn Shop for the 1%

Ever wanted to borrow against that $50,000 ring or a $3 million painting? Bloomberg Television's Alix Steel has found a gold mine for the top one percent.

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris Hotel Tour

Built in 1896 as the private home of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's grand-nephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte, Shangri-La Hotel, Paris achieves a balance between the group's signature style of hospitality and French art de vivre.

Unique in Paris, 40 per cent of the rooms and 60 per cent of the suites at Shangri-La, Paris feature unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine below.

To explore every space at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris from every angle, we invite you to experience the full 360 interactive video tour here: http://slhr.hk/YzSLOy

Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong Hotel Tour

Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong is conveniently located high above the city's most prestigious shopping and business locations. In this city sanctuary, feel at home with the hotel's signature hospitality and unique cultural experiences.

The hotel atrium is home to the magnificent 16-story high wonder, 'The Great Motherland of China', the largest Chinese landscape silk painting in the world that depicts an expansive Chinese landscape from Qinghai and Tibet to Shandong Province, and from Beijing to Guilin. It almost stops time, but the wonders never cease here.

Before you know it, you are taken on an exalted culinary journey through its eight restaurants and bars. After all, Conde Nast Traveler has honoured Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, as one the best hotels in the world for dining.

Well above the city, you admire the stunning views of The Peak and Victoria Harbour over an evening cocktail, in awe of the wonders of the city and the splendor of the hotel.

To explore Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong from every angle, we invite you to experience the full 360 interactive video tour here: http://slhr.hk/V3Or68

A tour of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon at night via Big Bus Open-Top Tours (晚上香港及九龍遊)

ENTERING AQUARIUS - Undersea Laboratory Tour

Training for living on the ocean floor is over and it is time to move into Aquarius Reef Base - the last underwater habitat in the world. Take the first tour of the mission as the Aquanauts get settled and adjust to their new home for seven days.

Take A Tour Of The Underwater Astronaut Habitat, Aquarius

Take a deep breath and dive under the ocean with ESA and NASA astronauts, who recently arrived at the underwater habitat Aquarius to train for life in space at the bottom of the sea.

Pumpkin Patch Tour

The UGPG marathon pumpkin patch tour across Utah's Wasatch front.

Company Tour by the "Willy Wonka" of Weed

Pot entrepreneur, Tripp Keber, creates pot-infused candy, sodas and other potent edibles.

Source: NationalGeographic

Behind-the-Scenes at Preparing for Burning Man

Joe's Brook Farm Tour, Sept. 10th, 2013

On September 10th, a few staff members from the Littleton Food Co-op Produce Department and Marketing Department took a day off from the store and office to go on a Farm Tour. First on our stop was Joe's Brook Farm in Barnet, VT.

Harry Potter WB Studio Tour in London

When I was in London this summer, we went to the WB Studio Tour and saw a ton of sets, props, and costumes used in the Harry Potter films. My friend Alex Carpenter tagged along!

Inside America's first smartphone factory

The Moto X smartphone is now being manufactured out of a new facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

Source: CNNMoney

Preview The 9/11 Memorial Museum : Inside WTC Ground Zero

(WTC) complex consisted of seven buildings, spanning 16 acres. The complex housed office space, an observation deck, the "Windows on the World" restaurant, and an underground shopping mall, and served as a transit hub for New Jersey PATH train and New York City subway riders. Approximately 50,000 people worked at the WTC, with another 40,000 passing through daily.

The National September 11 Memorial is a tribute of remembrance and honor to the nearly 3,000 people killed in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center site, near Shanksville, Pa., and at the Pentagon, as well as the six people killed in the World Trade Center bombing in February 1993.

The Memorial's twin reflecting pools are each nearly an acre in size and feature the largest manmade waterfalls in the North America. The pools sit within the footprints where the Twin Towers once stood. Architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker created the Memorial design selected from a global design competition that included more than 5,200 entries from 63 nations.

The names of every person who died in the 2001 and 1993 attacks are inscribed into bronze panels edging the Memorial pools, a powerful reminder of the largest loss of life resulting from a foreign attack on American soil and the greatest single loss of rescue personnel in American history.

London Penthouse With Garden View: $1.9 Million

Two London penthouses, one with a garden square view and another with two glass sky-rooms overlooking the city, are just a couple of the properties featured as Europe's House of the Day. Dipti Kapadia has details.

Inside an Iconic $10 Million NYC Duplex

Million Dollar Listing's "It" broker Fredrik Eklund takes Bloomberg Television's Betty Liu through a $10 million condo at The Apthorp on Manhattan's Upper West Side and talks about the state of the luxury real estate market in New York City. (Source: Bloomberg)

Inside The $27 Million Hilfiger Estate On Nantucket

Susy Hilfiger, ex-wife of American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, is selling the family vacation estate. At $27 million, the Great Gatsby-era home is the second most expensive listing on Nantucket Island.

Source: Forbes

Doomsday Preppers Go Upscale With Luxury Bunkers

A Southern California company is building luxury survivalist bunkers complete with wide-screen TVs, plumbing, and bunk-beds. They start at about $65 thousand dollars and that doesn't include the cost of digging a big enough hole.

Source: AssociatedPress

Inside Sony's Massive Silicon Valley Headquarters

Bloomberg's Cory Johnson takes you on an exclusive tour of Sony's new headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Source: Bloomberg

Inside London's iCity, a $150M Tech Utopia

After the Olympics left London, organizers promised the Olympic facilities would be put to good use. Bloomberg Television investigates what being done to the former broadcast center.

Source: Bloomberg

First Person: 9/11 Memorial Museum Tour

The President of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City took the Associated Press for a tour on Friday of what has been accomplished so far. The museum is slated to open to the public in the spring of 2014.

Source: AssociatedPress

Smart Rails: Inside Union Pacific's Technological Backbone

A look at the advances that make the trains run on time -- and then some -- straight from the world's largest rail yard.

San Jose Tour

USAC students leave Puntarenas and go on a tour of San Jose.

Top Things To Do In Curacao

If you're travelling to Curacao, these are tops things your must do! From water sports like wind surfing, snorkelling or diving, cliff jumping and sea doing to eating local dishes like guiambo-okra-soup and iguana to drinking blue curacao and green rum to dancing salsa and twerking. There is so much that this Caribbean island has to offer.

York County Solid Waste Authority Facility Tour

We got the opportunity to go on a tour of the York County Solid Waste Authority.

Venice Gondola Ride

Our first day in Venice. We go on a tour around the sites and on a Gondola ride.

Underground Mansion on Sale for $50 Million

One-of-a-kind subterranean mansion offers a truly private living experience.

Mississippi finds hope in the blues

From the winding shores of its namesake river to the gulf-coast, it is nearly impossible to avoid a collision with Mississippi's past. The FT's Christopher Booker travels down the state's Blues Trail to explore how this unexpected time capsule may offer a pathway into the state's future.

Source: FinancialTimesVideo

Kolkata: high culture and melancholic decay

From the vibrant atmosphere of the Indian Coffee House to the decaying buildings and rubbish strewn roads, the FT's South Asia Bureau Chief, Victor Mallet, explores modern Calcutta, now known as Kolkata. India's former administrative capital on the banks of the Hooghly river in Bengal is facing severe economic decline, but for the city's artists and intellectuals, there are signs of optimism.

Source: FinancialTimesVideo

The Making of Williams-Sonoma Stemware

See how each piece of Williams-Sonoma's signature stemware is masterfully hand blown of clear, lead-free glass in a small town in Turkey and learn why Williams-Sonoma chose these highly-skilled glassblowers to create their sparkling stemware collection.

The products featured in this video can be purchased from Williams-Sonoma: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/shop/tabletop-glassware-bar/tabletop-bar-williams-sonoma/

Historic Ferry Keeps Giving Passengers Enjoyable Rides

Ferries once were a vital means of transportation across rivers. On the Potomac River, which runs through the Washington region into the Chesapeake Bay on the U.S. East Coast, there once were more than 100 ferries in operation. They are all long gone... except one. As VOA's June Soh tells us, historic White's Ferry, in service since the late 1700s, is still doing very well.

Korea Today - A Tour around Seoul Arts Center 한국 최초의 종합 예술시설 예술의 전당

Year-round performances to impress and dazzle. Seoul Arts Center brings you some of the best shows and exhibitions from operas to musicals. Experience the spirit of art, as we take you on a tour around the art mecca of the country.

1년 365일 사람들의 눈과 귀를 즐겁게 하는 공연이 펼쳐지고, 퀄리티 있는 오페라부터 뮤지컬, 연극은 물론 국내에서 볼 수 없는 전시까지 어우러지는 한국 예술의 대명사 예술의 전당을 소개한다.

Video: Take a Tour of Kate Middleton's Hometown

Bucklebury, the home of the Middleton family, is now a media and tourist hotspot.  Watch a tour created just before the royal couple wed.

A Tour of Lincoln's Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetary in Springfield, Illinois

Lincoln's Tomb, which serves as the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln, his wife and all but one of his children, is located at Oak Ridge. A number of other prominent politicians and persons from Illinois are also buried at the cemetery. As a result of Lincoln's Tomb, Oak Ridge is the second-most visited cemetery in the United States, after Arlington National Cemetery.

A Tour of the Summer Festival: Kadampa Summer Festival 2013

Over 2700 people from 30 countries are gathered at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, in the English Lake District, for the 22nd annual NKT-IKBU International Summer Festival. Over the two weeks they will enjoy teachings and meditation retreat on Modern Buddhism.

American Heritage - A Tour of Yorktown, Williamsburg & Jamestown, Virginia - 1960's

Allied View of American Heritage - A tour of Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Jamestown provides officers from allied countries with insight to American heritage. A pictoral history of USA early settlement. Craftsmen including wigmakers show their skill to the visitors.

A tour of the island of Skyros, Greece

A tour of the island of Skyros, Greece.

Take a Tour of Hollywood Blvd's Man of Steel's Hall of Fame

FanAddicts! Extreme fans. Superman meets a lot of stars in his day to day life who make his hall of fame.

A tour of flora and fauna of Ecuador

In this episode Dave visits Ecuador to check out some great plants.

45 Cities in 6 Months: A Tour of Asia and Oceania

Get a description of each scene here:http://www.thisworldrocks.com/travel-...
Read our write-up on the first six months of our trip:http://www.thisworldrocks.com/travel-...

Inside Elon Musk's $17M Bel Air Mansion

Bloomberg's Betty Liu takes a look inside Billionaire Elon Musk's Bel Air mansion. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Tour of Germany and Poland

Twenty-four Modern History students and five teachers have recently returned from a 19-day History tour of Germany and Poland.

Tour of Swedish Antique Shop - Sheffield, MA

A tour of Cupboards & Roses, an antique store in Sheffield, MA owned by Edith Gilson, former advertising executive-turned antiques dealer. Her store specializes in 18th and 19th century Swedish painted folk art and furniture. Part of a new series "Hidden in Plain Sight" for Berkshires Week, The Berkshire Eagle's arts/culture magazine. Reporter: Brian Mastroianni. Shot on iPhone.

Virtual Tour of Model Home at Foster's Glenn, Johns Island, SC

Virtual Tour of the Model Home at 3032 Foster's Glenn Dr, Foster's Glenn, Johns Island, SC. This beautiful "Ashley" floor plan was designed and constructed by Lowcountry Residential Builders, a local, family oriented, semi-custom builder based in Charleston, SC.

A Navajo Tour of Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley in Utah is one of the most iconic natural wonders of the world, its vast sandstone buttes familiar from countless Westerns, but few visitors explore its cultural life.

Tour of a Furnished Studio Apartment in Morningside Heights, Manhattan

Welcome to another New York Habitat video tour! Today we bring you to a bright and modern Morningside Heights (Harlem) studio apartment in Manhattan.

This apartment is located on the top floor of a classic three-story New York City townhouse with an elevator. It offers contemporary amenities within a charming old-world Brownstone apartment layout, including an exposed brick wall and colorfully tiled floors.

The main living space presents lime-green walls and a dangling chandelier hanging over a full-sized bed. For comfortable workspace, a wooden desk with chair is provided. A small dinging table with two chairs sits near the separate kitchen, accommodating meal space. Other highlights include wicker chairs for guest seating and plenty of closet space.

A full-kitchen is eccentrically decorated with most essential cooking equipment including (but not limited to) an oven, fridge, and toaster. Some cabinet space is available. The lavender-colored bathroom includes white-tiled flooring and a full-sized tub/shower.

The neighborhood of Morningside Heights/ Harlem is exciting and filled with culturally important buildings, museums, and history. Nearby you will find the Apollo Theater, a famous live music venue presenting Amateur Nights (and catapulting to fame such musical legends as Ella Fitzgerald and James Brown). For another lovely night of live music, check out the popular Paris Blues pub.

Lastly, the world-famous Central Park is just a short stroll from the studio. Click here to explore Central Park in NYC through the seasons.

Helicopter Tour of Moorea & Bora Bora

This video shows what its like flying over the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora in a helicopter. If you are looking for a fun activity while on your vacation or honeymoon, nothing beats seeing the tropical paradise of French Polynesia from the air. During a tour you will get to experience close up views of many popular points of interest.

Tahiti Helicopters is the only private helicopter operator in French Polynesia. They operate a fleet of high quality Eurocopters & Robinson aircraft that can be chartered for quick island to island transfers or circling island tours. Check out their website for more information: http://www.tahiti-helicopters.com

Bisnow Takes a Tour of Restaurant Daikaya

As the DC restaurant scene's rapid growth spurt continues, many restaurants are setting themselves apart by going to incredible lengths with their architectural design and decor. Here's a video tour of Daikaya, one of our top 5 picks for the best-designed DC restaurants that have opened in the past year.

Tour of a Thai Mushroom Farm

The owner and is wife are very nice people and have a nice job building this place from the ground up over the last 2 years.

Walking Tour of Universal Studios Hollywood - 2013

Join us on a wild walking tour of Universal Studios Hollywood in the midst of the summer season.

A Tour of the Southern Maine Lakes Region

Maine waterfront is closer than you think. Here is a tour of the Southern Maine Lakes Region in York County for people not familiar with what this area has to offer or for those looking for lakefront real estate. I am a local realtor with Better Homes and Gardens-The Masiello Group. Dave Cote.

Tour of Pattaya, Thailand

James Guercio and Kenny Passarelli give a tour of Caribou Ranch

Quick Tour of The Disneyland Hotel

Very quick tour of The Disneyland Hotel, with an emphasis on the room and all the cool Walt stuff they put in there.

A Drone Tour of the Review and Herald

A Parrot quadcopter provides a new perspective on the Review and Herald Publishing Association and their large, six acre facility in Hagerstown, Maryland. Chad Starr, director of Advertising, pilots the drone.

Google Street View Tour of Narrows Bridge, NY

Just recorded while investigating in the area of the Narrows Bridge in NY City.

A Tour of Wentworth's 3D Printing Lab

Wentworth Institute of Technology professor Steve Chomyszak gives a tour of the 3D printing lab and explains how Wentworth students are using the technology.

Tour of 150-Year-Old Abandoned Country House

A tour of a doomed 150-year-old house in the country, two days before its demolition.

Tour of Glen Abbey Golf Course

Global's Rob Leth takes a tour of the iconic Glen Abbey golf course ahead of the RBC Canadian Open.

Tour of LaFollette, Tennessee

Davis Chapel Road 2:51
Camp Ridge Road 4:38
Long Hollow Road 8:01
East Virginia Avenue 9:53
South 4th Street 10:34
East 4th Street 11:38
Back To South 4th Street 12:55
South Cumberland Avenue 14:04
North Cumberland Avenue 15:39
East Prospect Street 16:17
North Cumberland Avenue 15:39
East Prospect Street 16:17
North Indiana Avenue 25W 17:35
Aspen Street 17:44
North 1st Street 18:06
Mill Street 18:26
North Tennessee Avenue 18:51
Central Avenue 25W 19:21
West Central Avenue 20:31
West Avenue 21:00
West Forrest Street 22:23
North 25th Street 22:58
West Central Avenue 24:14
Woodlawn Cemetery 24:36
South 27th Street 27:13
West Ash Street 27:41
South Avenue 29:01

Old Jacksboro Highway 25W 0:46
25W 4:09
Toe String Road 6:39
Memorial Drive 7:36
Campbell County Memorial Gardens 8:39
Campbell County Airport 9:25
Campbell County Memorial Gardens 11:13
Memorial Drive 12:11
Toe String Road 13:32
25W 14:19
Hunters Branch Road 16:03
Robin Lane 17:29
Summers Road 18:05
Lake Shore Drive 19:05
Loop Road 20:13
Longmire Lane 20:45
Andy Baird Drive 22:10
Hatmaker Drive 22:48
Beverly Hills Lane 24:05
South High Knob Road 25:14
Claiborne Road 26:49
South Tennessee Avenue 27:27

Full Hotel Tour of the New Hampton Inn in Huntington, WV

Tour of Saturn from Earth, Earth from Saturn (Cassini)

This video tour from Earth to Saturn and back was created by Southern Stars in their SkySafari app. During the tour of Saturn the Cassini spacecraft is seen in its actual location, and its view of Earth is seen at the moment it will snap its photograph of Earth. All other times and orientations are before or after the photograph is taken. The Earth location in the video is northern California, USA.

Tour of The Fairmont Orchid, Big Island of Hawaii

When you first check in to the luxurious Fairmont Orchid--on the famed Kohala Coast of Hawaii, the Big Island--you may be forgiven for thinking the resort earns it many awards and accolades solely from its outdoor spa, fine dining and tastefully furnished guest rooms.

In fact, book a room on the exclusive Fairmont Gold floor, and you may not ever want to step outside. But, venture out into The Fairmont Orchid's 32 oceanfront acres and you'll soon discover a water lover's paradise. What could be better than being at the pool?  How about a cabana by the pool? Or, perhaps in a hammock--enjoying the sounds of the pacific ocean. Why not enjoy an oceanfront couple's massage? Or rent a hale and watch the pristine blue ocean all day long? If you prefer to get your feet wet, take a dip in the sheltered lagoon or try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding, or even kayaking? Of course, the real fun begins when you rent snorkel gear and go explore the abundant marine life. You may come face to face with a Humuhumu or perhaps you'll be lucky enough to take a swim with one of the dozens of resident Honu sea turtles. And, after you've taken time for a nap listening to the gently lapping waves, enjoy a perfect Kohala sunset...by the ocean, naturally.

Tour of Harvard Medical School - NSLC

This video was filmed and edited by iH3 Media. NSLC medicine and health care students take a tour of Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Elvis Week Tour of Archives

Come with Elvis Week host Brad Birkedahl as he gets a special tour with Angie Marchese, the Director of Archives for Elvis Presley Enterprises. Get a special glimpse at the newest exhibit at Graceland, go behind the scenes in archives, and talk jumpsuits in the racquetball building with Angie and Brad. For more information on Elvis Week and to learn how you can attend visit ElvisWeek.com.

Quick Tour Of A Japanese Firehouse

My friend Heidi is a paramedic in the USA. She just visited Japan last week and we took her over to the firehouse so she could take a tour. What a wonderful group of people working there. With that said, I hope I never have to see them again.....at least not in their professional life.

A Tour Of Our Alaskan Cabin

We've received several requests to show the interior of our remote Alaskan cabin. So for those of you who are interested......here it is.

Skate Tour Of Downtown LAS VEGAS - Black Ninja Frankie Decker

Planning a skate trip to Las Vegas? Prepare for a wonderful selection of obstacles downtown and prepare to get kicked out of every spot. We have everything from 15 stair hubbas to transformers and baby Mario; A perfect place for a vacation!

The Breaking Bad Tour of Albuquerque

See the Breaking Bad Shooting Locations in real life! Look at Albuquerque through the lense of one of TV's best shows.

A Tour of Kansas City

We want to help locals and out-of-towners alike to become better acquainted with Kansas City.

Source: BottomsUpComedy

A Minute Away: Night falls on the Golden Gate Bridge

Lengthening shadows at 0:48, leaping tourists at 0:55, river of headlights at 0:58, twinkling city at 1:00.

A Minute Away: Zoltar and mojo, Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara

Zoltar and mojo, Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara. The all-knowing Zoltar speaks at 0:18, shark and birds at 0:50, working mojo at 1:02.

A Minute Away: San Francisco at a sprint

Lombard Street fast forward, 0:14. Embarcadero pedicab ride at 0:36, then Tadich Grill and a cable car on Powell.

A Minute Away: Dawn and descent, Haleakala, Maui

Cotton candy sky at 0:14, mist creeping the rim, 0:29; whooshing bikes at 0:43.

A Minute Away: Dancing and dinner, Lahaina, Maui

Hula dancers in coconuts and grass skirts at 0:03. Slide guitar lick at 0:25, gourd-slapping at 0:44.

A Minute Away: Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Hills

Street drummer at 0:16, El Capitan Theater at 0:46, Sunset Ranch at 0:55. Horses at sunset, 1:00.

Tour of the Milk House Farm Green House

Go on a tour of the green house with Brenda.

A Haunting; Ghosts and Spirits of Saltair Documentary

Go on a tour of The Great Saltair outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Your tour will be guided by former Groundskeeper and Security Guard Ken Thornton, a film maker in his own right. Ken will recount a historical perspective of the mysterious building that burned to the ground twice over the last century. Tales of ghosts, a dead cat that reappears, dozens of decaying dead birds along the the Salt Lake shoreline as well as the portrayal of friendship between man and dog will enthrall you the viewer as you venture down this winding, weaving path of a story. A film by Karl Knudsen; Vizion Productions

Take a tour of Arizona's new football facility

Arizona Wildcats senior wide receiver Terrence Miller gave a tour of the program's new Lowell-Stevens Football Facility.

A Tour of Beautiful Nunavut

Nunavut is one of Canada's most valued treasures. Majestic landscapes, unspoiled wildlife, and beautiful Inuit culture make the region one of the world's most unique destinations.

A Tour of Beautiful Nunavut from Outpost Magazine on Vimeo.

Phil's Tour of Heritage Village in Largo, FL

This video shows the Heritage Village park in Largo Florida during the holiday time. The Heritage Village is a historic living museum showcasing homes and items from Florida's history, some dating back to the 19th century.

Tour of White Island Historic Site

The first lighthouse at the Isles of Shoals was erected on White Island in 1820. It was made out of stone and wood shingles. The White Island Lighthouse Station is one of New England's great historic landmarks. This shining tower protected northeastern mariners from crashing into its rocky shores. It is also New Hampshire's only offshore lighthouse.

Matt Takes a Tour of the Florida Theatre at Art Walk

Tour of Traveling Lincoln Assassination Museum

Virtual tour of the Traveling Lincoln Assassination Museum. Available for Civil War shows and musters, historical festivals, etc.  Presented by http://historybuff.com/

Take a Tour of Xerox's Telford Data Centre

Xerox unveils its Tier 3 Data Centre and Global Centre of Excellence in Telford, UK. Discover more about the Telford center which is our head office for Information Technology Outsourcing in the UK. The facility incorporates our administrative back office, main data center, 24-7 operation center and our on-shore service desk.

Walking Tour of Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

Walking Tour down Commercial Street on Fourth of July, Independence Day, celebration in Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

Tour of George Washington's Library

Curt Viebranz, President and CEO of Mount Vernon, takes you on a tour of the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mount Vernon which opens September 27, 2013. Learn more at www.mountvernon.org/library

Piet Huysentruyt gives a tour of his green house at Likoké in France

Belgian Chef Patron Piet Huysentruyt gives a tour of his green house at his fantastic Likoké restaurant in France. Read and see more at wbpstars.com - only about the best restaurants in the world!

Piet Huysentruyt gives a tour of his Likoké in France

Belgian Chef Patron Piet Huysentruyt gives a tour of his fantastic Likoké restaurant in France. Read and see more at wbpstars.com - only about the best restaurants in the world!

A tour of the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center at UT

UT Dir. of School of Music, Jeffrey Pappas gives a tour of the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013.

2013 D23 Expo show floor tour - Imagineering, Animation, Interactive, Consumer Products, and more

This is a narrated walking tour of the full 2013 D23 Expo show floor including pavilions and exhibits from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney Interactive, Disney Store, Disney Consumer Products, the Collector's Forum and more.

U.S. Army North VR 13-2 Media Day: Tour of the COIC

U.S. Army North VR 13-2 Media Day Tour of the Current Operations Information Center. (No audio.)

Tour of New Miami Hurricanes Locker Room

Tour of the Miami Hurricanes football team locker room at the Schwartz Center, which was completed in Summer 2013. Video takes you inside the facility and inside the locker room.

Get an Insider's Look at Food Network's The Shed

Get an insider's look at The Shed, including the property's junkyard, Brad's never-before-seen outdoor office and a glimpse inside The Shed's kitchen, where Hobson — the pit master — has prepared nearly 1 million pounds of barbecue.

Appleton Estate Rum Tour Preview: Donkey Cane Crushers (St. Elizabeth Jamaica)

When you start the tour, you will watch an overview of the Estate and how it is run. Then you will have a tour of the remaining parts of the history of the estate including some old equipment. There are two old sugar cane crushers that are still shown to visitors and a demonstration with a donkey on how they use to operate the cane crushers.

Then you will go on a tour of the distillery to see the famous rum being distilled. Here you will get to taste "wet sugar" (aka molasses) as it is being distilled in giant copper pots.

The next stage of rum production is the aging house. In this part of the tour you will see large white oak barrels ageing various types of rum. The aging process varies from three years up to thirty years. The last stage is the blending. This is where the rums are blended in to the world famous Appleton flavours.

The most popular part is the rum sampling. You have the opportunity to sample 16 varieties produced at the Estate.

There is a gift shop to buy and take Appleton Rum home as well as a bar to have some drinks while you are there.

Contact Advescape Jamaica
Phone: (876) 8247597
BBM: 293A7B74
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Advescapeja
Twitter: @Advescapeja
Skype: Advescapeja

Travel Guide - De Palm Island, Aruba - Family Vacation

Hawaii Vacation - A Tour of Waikiki

Shot a lot of footage when I was in Hawaii in 2011, so I put together this four minute video of a tour of Waikiki, which contains Waikiki Beach, some of the hotels, riding a yacht around the coastline and seeing one of the Lost filming locations.

Mana Kai Maui Vacation Condos in Kihei - Video Tour

The Mana Kai Maui Resort is a popular vacation rental property located on the boarder of Kihei and Wailea. The property sits at the beginning of Keawakapu Beach, which is a very popular beach on Maui's southern coast. The Mana Kai Maui has great onsite amenities like an oceanfront heated pool, fine dining restaurant and bar (The 5 Palms), general store, and ocean-sport rental shop. The vacation condos at the Mana Kai have amazing views of the ocean! To see current specials at the Mana Kai, please visit: http://www.crhmaui.com

Love Shack Chalet of the 5 Star Natural Bridge Cabin Rental Company, Red River Gorge Ky.

Love Shack is located in the Red River Mountain Development across from the entrance to the Red River Gorge. The Shack has 1 private queen bedroom & 1 queen bed in the loft. This cabin has log siding and features a wrap around deck that has a hot tub and patio furniture. Located close to Natural Bridge and Slade, KY.

Love Shack Virtual Tour http://www.NaturalBridgeCabinRental.com |

SpaceX Exclusive Tour

David Malkoff gives us an exclusive look at private space company, SpaceX.

On Board: Sixty Seconds in Singapore with the VP & Dr. B

In 60 seconds - In Singapore, The Vice President and Dr. Biden tour the Singapore Botanic Gardens, attend an orchid-naming ceremony, the Vice President meets with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore and tours an American airplane engine company and the U.S.S. Freedom.

Walt Disney's private apartment tour at Disneyland above the firehouse

Located above the firehouse in Disneyland's Town Square is Walt Disney's personal private apartment that he and his family used to occupy when staying in the park. This video offers a guided tour of the apartment, held by Disney Interactive to promote Epic Mickey 2, though the tour is fairly standard. Included among the crowd is video game developer Warren Spector.

Zeppelin Tour Takes Off in France

A French company launches Zeppelin tours for paying customers eager to have a different view of the countryside near Paris.

Emerald Bay Jet Ski Tour in Lake Tahoe with Ski Run Boat Company

Looking for a fun adventure on the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe? Ski Run Boat Company offers tours of the lake by boat or on a jet ski. The Emerald Bay Jet Ski tour is a two-hour tour, operating daily, with loads of exhilarating fun. Shred through the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe, and enjoy beautiful scenery along the way. They also have a great staff that's friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable about what you need to do to have a fun and safe time out on the water.

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