Crayola Crayon Factory Tours

Crayola Crayon Factory Tours
Easton, PA

More than 4,000,000 visitors have toured the Crayola Crayon Factory in Easton, PA, a place where according to Crayola, there's no limitation to creativity and imagination.  Crayola offers the Crayola Experience, a step above a tour, with opportunities for interaction throughout the factory and neighboring attractions.  

Lehigh Valley Visions produced a video tour showing all of the fun things you can do at the Crayola Crayon Factory. 

Among other amazing exhibitions, the world's largest crayon is on display and is made up of more than 123,000 blue crayons sent in by children to Crayola.

< More than 3,000 people have watched the YouTube video of Ruth's 4th Birthday at the Crayola Factory.

Plan your visit on the Crayola Experience website.

Follow Crayola on facebook.

Follow the Crayola Experience on facebook.

During August, bring your broken crayons to the Crayola Factory and get $1.50 off admission to the Crayola Experience.  Check back on the Crayola website for the latest offers.

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